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A family leaving for vacation at their driveway
November 09, 2021

How To Feel Confident In Your Plano Home Security While On Vacation

You have enough to think about when starting a trip. You have an long list of tasks like finding a place to stay, airplane bookings, and meal planning. You shouldn't need to wonder if your house will be protected when you're gone. 

The good news is you won’t have to be jumpy about your Plano home security while on vacation if you use the best security tools. By using a smart home security system, you'll have the tools to be self-assured during your stay. That’s because you’ll havecomplete control with the mobile app and your team of security professionals on your side.

The Right Security App Makes It Feel Like You Are At Home

Picture that someone is approaching your Plano home while you're a few states away, enjoying a pina colada at your vacation resort. A smart phone notification asks you to check out your doorbell camera video feed. It seems to be a delivery person, but to be safe, you thank her with the security app’s two-way talk feature. Then you hit the button that turns on the hallway smart bulbs and assign a friend a temporary smart lock PIN so they can place the package into the front hall for you.

A modern home security system should come with a powerful smartphone app that lets you control a lot of your security and home automation equipment. The app should let you:

  • Get phone notifications when a component senses unusual motion
  • Turn of and on your security system
  • Make lock PIN codes and check the status of your smart locks
  • Watch live feeds of your Plano security cameras
  • Set schedules for your alarms and cameras
  • Turn up and turn off your smart lights

Lean On 24/7 Monitoring When You Leave

A mobile app is a modern marvel for Plano home security when you’re on vacation, but how are you going to handle contacting emergency responders when you’re gone? As you have a monitoring team with your home security package, you'll have knowledgeable experts at the wheel in case of an emergency. After one of yourwindow or door sensors are triggered, your monitoring agents will contact both the police and you about the problem. Then ADT can act as a contact for you and the authorities until you can return.

Look To Secure24 Alarm Systems To Keep Your Property Guarded Even When You’re Away

Don’t wonder about your Plano home security while on vacation when you put in a modern security system. We’ll help you get the right security package for your needs -- with the ADT smartphone app and round-the-clock monitoring. Start by dialing (972) 357-1049 or complete the contact form below.