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January 05, 2021

5 Essential Home Automation Ideas For Plano

One of the benefits of buying an ADT home security system in Plano is that you can pair it with home automation. Smart thermostats can make your living space more comfortable and energy-efficient. Smart locks allow you to remote control your doorways. And you won’t leave the garage door wide open again once you get your automated garage door sensor.

However, as convenient as these devices are alone, they can have an even greater impact when employed in tandem with your home security system. Here are just 5 amazing home automation ideas for Plano that will make your living space much more attuned to your lifestyle:

Home Automation Idea #1: Put Your Home To Bed

Your before bed schedule has become routine: turn off all the lights, lock the door, adjust the thermostat, and prep your security system. However, how often have you woken up to find that you forgot to lock the front door or left the living room light burning? And once you forget to do one section of your nightly checklist, it's simple to forget it the next evening, too. Then after a while, your forgotten ritual becomes a habit.

But you can ensure that your living space is ready for bed every night when you automate your bedtime routine. Through your Plano home security system, you can generate a scenario that fine-tunes all your devices without you leaving bed. With a tap of a button, you can lock the doors, power off the lights, adjust the thermostat, and arm your alarm. Or don't worry about failing to remember to hit a button. Set your automation to trigger at a set time -- like midnight.

ADT Mobile Control App in Plano

Home Automation Idea #2: Go On Alert When You Travel For Work

Along with a bedtime schedule, you can designate your automation routines to arm when your house is not currently occupied. With your ADT Control smartphone app, you can put your house on alert via an easy button touch. Now you can guarantee that every entryway is secure, every light is off, the alarms are armed, and your cameras are on watch. You can even batten down the garage door via the app if it’s accidentally left up.

You don't need to keep your home locked up the whole day. Unlatch the doors for returning family or service professionals through the mobile app. Or put your home on lockdown without even looking at your phone. By placing a geofence around your home, your system arms every time you pull out of the driveway. Then when you come home, your alarms turn off, and your doors unlock when you drive up to the house.

Home Automation Idea #3: Set Moods For Watching TV And The Rest Of Your Life

Departing the house and putting your house to bed may be just one option on your home automation system. You can also customize scenes for all kinds of moods. Adjust the lights just a dash while dropping your motorized shades for the penultimate movie watching experience. Create a dimly lit aisle from your bed to the fridge for a nighttime snack.

You can craft a "party" setting that effortlessly lowers the lights and temperature to account for the additional body heat. Then when someone new knocks at your door, you can tell them to let themselves in through your doorbell camera. You can even select music and decorative lights to turn on with your ADT Control app. And if you decide you need another futuristic piece of smart technology, you can easily add it to your existing system.

ADT Mobile App in Plano

Home Automation Idea #4: Get Alerts To Your Smartphone

Always stay in the know of what's happening in your home through automated notifications delivered to your smartphone. Any time a motion sensor on a security camera detect unwanted movements, you'll hear about it through a text or push notification. Fire and safety detectors will show an alert so that you won’t come home to an undiscovered emergency. Or have your smart locks alert you when your kids come home from school. Once you get a notification, you can determine how to act.

Communicate with porch visitors via the doorbell cameras to tell them where to stash a delivery. Watch your security cameras to determine if the abnormal activity facilitates a call to the police. Or remotely turn on lights and sound to frighten any suspicious trespasser.

Home Automation Idea #5: Keep Safe During A Fire

While your home automation system will make you feel safe and secure, they will help in a fire or other situations. Should your smoke detectors discover excess smoke, your home can dive into action! Set the furnace fan to automatically power on and vent hazardous smoke. Then have it power on all your smart bulbs to light the way out, and open all the doors for emergency responders.

In fact, you can program automated reactions to numerous emergency circumstances. Turn on all the lights when a glass break detector trips. Blare your high decibel alarms when the 2-button medical alert is used. Or get video snippets sent to your phone when your smart locks activate. Nearly all of your tech can be interconnected to function in tandem in any way you think will help protect your home and family.